“We’ve utilized Lee’s skills/program to help us strive for the business excellence that is so important to our organization.”
                                                            Brad Rudkin, Vice President of Administration
                                                            Butte Community Bank
                                                            Chico, CA

“An effective explanation is ‘I thought I was a good listener until I was trained in the Communication Skills Program.  What an eye opener!’  I now have a renewed understanding of what it looks like to be a good listener.”
                                                            Daniel Watson, Owner
                                                            Network Innovation
                                                            Chico, CA

“I saw the value in this program to the point I had my entire office staff and my own family trained on this process.  I recommend it whole heartedly.”
                                                            Scott Hanosh, D.D.S.
                                                            Paradise, CA

“Our employees were so polarized with our conflict until my brother and I implemented the communication strategies facilitated by Communication Consultants.  We were able to resolve our issues to the point that we dissolved our partnership and we are still brothers.  What a relief!  We’re both so much happier and the employees and business are much better off.  Thanks Lee!”
                                                            Ron Haberman, Owner
                                                            Auto Doctor,
                                                            Chico, CA

“Where do I start?  The changes have been monumental.  Awareness has never been at a higher level.  I don’t know of a business or family that couldn’t benefit from this set of communication skills.  In fact, my family and office staff have been educated on this process of conflict resolution.  I use the skills almost daily.  It is truly revolutionary.  Thank you!”
                                                            Mark Light, M.D.
                                                            Chico, CA

“We are business owners who sing the praises of the ‘Team Collaboration Skills’ we have been exposed to.  During a training session we literally had a mortgage loan ‘saved’ by applying the process.  We would have likely lost it without the process.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
                                                            Tim and Jodi Arrowsmith, Owners
                                                            American Mortgage Company
                                                            Red Bluff, CA